Clubfoot is the deformity of the foot and it is mostly present at the child birth. It affects one or both the feet. Defect in both the feet is a common occurrence. It is also known as congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV).

Clubfoot occurs due to the defect in the development of baby in the womb or due to it’s position in the womb It also occurs due to the combination of genetic and environmental factors.

It is detected by observing the position of the limbs of the just born baby. If the deformity is prominent it could be detected even before birth and it is helpful to decide the course of the treatment.


Clubfoot disease is completely and easily curable disease. Early detection of the deformity helps earlier correction. After observing and assessing the degree of the deformity, we decide the course of the treatment. Our well proven ayurvedic treatment cures the defect quickly and it is painless. The treated child could lead a normal and healthy life as every other children.