Mayopathys Home (sadan herbals) was established in the year 2000 by Shri Justin Durairaj and was properly registered as a Public Charitable Trust. The aim of the trust is to provide free treatment for the poor children who are affected by Mayopathy. Though it is a well known place as a center for treatment for mayopathy, we also treat paralysis and cerebral palsy with equal efficiency. Now the treatment is given free of cost and all other facilities are given for a fee. We aim and work towards offering everything free of cost.

The place Tirunelveli and its surroundings are rich in herbals and rare medicinal plants. The perennial Tamirabarani River, the Courtalam falls and the Western Ghats are rich repository of herbals and provide a natural serene environment for the ayurvedic treatment. People throng here from all parts of the state for various kinds of traditional treatments. Our center for Muscular Dystrophy treatment is located here which is an added advantage

Mayopathys Home (sadan herbals) which is synonymous to Mayopathy hospital, provides efficient and simple treatment for Muscular dystrophy which is otherwise felt as a dreaded disease. We have successfully treated many children affected by mayopathy and the parents and relatives of the children happily feel Mayopathys Home (sadan herbals) as their family member. It is undoubtedly a good place to treat Muscular dystrophy which assures you a perfect cure in a short span of time.

Our Treatment

We provide a holistic treatment with Bio-Magnetic device and Herbal medicines. The treatment is simple and painless and the success rate is 100%. The time span is 3 to 6 months only.

Muscular Dystrophy


Cerebral Palsy