Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect the control of the movements due to the damage in the developing brain in the womb. It usually develops at the early stages of the child and is a non progressive brain disorder.

Brain injury caused during the development of the baby in the womb results in the congenital cerebral palsy which accounts for the 70% of the cerebral palsy patients. Remaining patients are affected during the birthing process.

In severe cases, the persons affected need support systems to walk. In mild cases, persons are able to walk but in an awkward condition.
Spastic cerebral palsy, Diskinetic cerebral palsy, Ataxic cerebral palsy and Mixed cerebral palsy are the types of cerebral palsy.

Ayurvedic Treatment

In our Ayurvedic treatment we treat the symptoms which will further reduce the degree of disability and will greatly improve the life conditions of the affected persons. We analyze the root cause of the disease and use time tested herbal medicines which help to improve the motor functions of the nerve system, muscle and tissue growth in the brain and the required coordination. We are also proficient in the Panchkarma therapy.